Teengenerate Live Report from Rock-ichi Rock-za

In my effort to bring you the latest in jet rock trash, here is a quick review of the Teengenerate reunion show on August 3rd at Shindaita Fever, the drummer of which who is mentioned once glowingly in the review is yours truly (not-so-humble brag). It’s from the free mag Follow Up, September ’13 edition.

 …Crap… I just realized there’s a longer review up on the Target Earth Blog. I guess that’s this week’s post.


 2013.08.03 (Sat) Shindaita Fever ‘Rock-ichi Rock-za’ Vol. 4… Teengenerate

Original article by Eiji Yoshinuma

Yes, there is rock and roll this awesome in Japan and this was an event to let everybody know it.


Tickets sold out quick and many who would do anything on earth to see Teengenerate again were left drowning in their tears. At the event members of important garage rock bands like the 5,6,7,8’s and the Neatbeats were selling stuff at the flea market and there were DJs like Target Earth’s King Joe, Guitar Wolf’s Taoru, Daddy-O-Nov and Rockin’ Enocky.

The first band was Kyoto’s girl garage band Nylon, followed by the descent to earth of Yokkaichi’s rock gods Gasoline. Next was Cozy (US) right in the middle of their Japan tour with a blend of catchy pre-punk bubble-gum and power pop. I was super impressed with the Cozy vocalists Japanese MC’ing chops. In the middle of Osaka girl garage band the Go-Devils’ set Rockin’ Jelly Bean made an appearance on guest vocals and they performed some kickass covers. The Gimmies were cool with their Detroit by way of Minneapolis sound.

As things wound down in the flea market, The Rockbottom took the stage. After their tough as nails power pop, The Thunderroads blew the place up with a ferocious rock and roll explosion.

And finally we came to the last band. As Cozy vocalist Steve warmed up the crowd, you couldn’t help getting goose bumps. It was because of Teengenerate that he fell in love with rock and roll and studied Japanese, and now here he was sharing the same stage with them! Yeah, there really was a band this fucking amazing in Japan. A band so rocking it could change some American kid’s life.


Finally, Teengenerate took the stage. A voice over the sound system said, ‘Thank you! We are Sharam Q!’

First was “Get Me Back” right into “Mess Me Up!” You couldn’t have fit a hair in the space between songs. I thought, ‘Holy fuck, there’s Teengenerate playing right in front of me!’ Today I was seeing them again!

They ripped through a barrage of originals like “Front Page,” “Dressed In Black,” “Sex Cow” and “Let’s Get Hurt,” and of course covers like Devil Dog Andy’s “My GTO,” Nervous Eaters, Pagans, Eastern Dark and more. The drummer was a pinch hitter but he pushed it right along. They hadn’t played as Teengenerate for a while but fuck it, they were back. And it wasn’t a class reunion for old farts or something like that. It was totally alright to bust out crying or go crazy just like back in the day.

They gave us two encores and ended with the Zeros’ Wild Weekend, which brought the show to an end right in the middle of the insanity. I knew I had to write this review so I thought I’d get on the edge of the crowd and watch carefully and all of that, but it was impossible, I couldn’t stand still and quiet or I couldn’t have written this report.

I’m sure anybody who was there understands this, but I was speechless. Nowadays, there are lots of people who know bands that cover the types of bands I mentioned above. But until Teengenerate came along, there weren’t those kindsa bands here in Japan. Do you know what I mean? That blew the world away.

Back in the day, they were getting a flood of offers from overseas labels and I’m talking about like a single every month. There weren’t any other bands like that. So if they hadn’t been around, there wouldn’t be events like this. There were a lot of kids at the show who weren’t around back in the day but I’m an old fart that wants them to know that these motherfuckers made history. It’s the younger generation’s job to continue on the trail Teengenerate blazed. And kids today need to know that Teengenerate is responsible for all the kickass Japanese rock they enjoy.

For now, let’s listen to their full album “Get Action,” the singles collection “Smash Hits” and Target Earth’s live album. And let’s bide out time until we get to see the documentary about the band that’s being made.


Teengenerate Set List:


  1. Get Me Back
  2. Mess Me Up
  3. 1979
  4. Front Page
  5. Grown Up Wrong
  6. Dressed In Black
  7. Drive
  8. Right Now
  9. Six & Change
  10. Sex Cow
  11. Wanna Drink
  12. Radio 55
  13. Bad Boy
  14. Let’s Get Hurt
  15. Johnny & Dee Dee
  16. Human Tornado
  17. Gonna Feel Alright


Encore 1

  1. Get Stuffed
  2. My GTO
  3. Hippy Hippy Shake


Encore 2

  1. Wild Weekend



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