“Get More Action” Teengenerate Documentary Out Soon!!


Wakarimasuka?… Rawk And ROLLLLLLL!! 

It was 20 years ago today. The collapse of the bubble, the night before the internet, the death knell at long last of the band boom that exploited the Japanese rock scene…. Though only together for 3 years, there was a band here that left mighty footprints. Playing 80 shows a year on tour in Europe and the US and at their home base of Shimokitazawa Shelter, they recorded more than 70 songs in 3 years, and released singles and records on labels in the US, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Australia. Determined that R&R is for ‘right now,’ this band sought to bring it back with a vengeance with a rapid fire barrage of primitive 90-second blasts of rock trash that cut straight to the bone. No band like this had ever existed in the history of Japanese R&R. This band was Teengenerate.

Their unique no-rules approach resonated with kids all over the world and set off a massive rock and roll tidal wave. But even though they changed kids’ lives overseas, they were all but ignored by the Japanese media. What the hell happened?! Get Action tells the story of their short but furious career through the testimony of people who were there including members of the band.

Director Junya Kondo, who was manager of Japan’s premier R&R movie house Theater-N Shibuya, was there back in the day and made Get Action to document the wild times. Editing wizard Jun Kawaguchi brings his experience and technique working on rock movies like the Boredoms’ “77Boadrum” and the Bloodthirsty Butchers’ “Kocorono” to the film. Get Action is inspired by a desire to bring this true R&R to the world.

【CAST】TEENGENERATE(Fink、Fifi、Sammy、Suck、Shoe、Greg)、Yoshihiro Warabi、Hiroshi Sekiguchi、Daddy-O-Nov、Taichi Nasu、Seiji (GUITAR WOLF)、TOMOKO(SUPERSNAZZ)、Ronnie Yoshiko Fujiyama(the’s)、Mitsuo Hirano、Rockin’Jelly Bean (Jackie & The Cedrics)、Enocky (Jackie & The Cedrics)、Katsura Shinomiya、Ono-Ching (JET BOYS)、Hiroshi Otsuki (smallspeaker/ex.REGISTRATORS)、IWATA (The STRUMMERS)、TAYLOW (the Genbaku Onanies)、Masao Nakagami、Toshio Iijima、Sora Mizusawa (The Gimmies)、HIROYASU (P.C.2 aka PAYCHANNNEL)、Hirofumi Kasai (Bossmen)、Ken Stringfellow (The Posies)、Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)、Jack Tieleman、Bruce Milne、Andy Gortler (DEVIL DOGS)、Eric Davidson (NEW BOMB TURKS)、Tim Warren、Deniz Tek (RADIO BIRDMAN)、Mike Lucas (THE PHANTOM SURFERS)、Greg Lowery(THE RIP OFFS)、Steve Borchardt (COZY), and more.

Directed by Junya Kondo / Photography and Editing by Jun Kawaguchi / Produced by King Records and Island Films in cooperation with Target Earth, Mangrove Label. 2014, color. Website: http://www.get-action.net. © 2014 NIPPAN、KING RECORDS. All Rights Reserved.


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