Do You Wanna Walk with the Raydios?

Here’s a short history of the Raydios and blurb about their latest (3rd) single by Masao Nakagami from the Target Earth Blog.

Raydios / Do You Wanna Walk With Me?


I got quite a lot of feedback from last week’s Teengenerate announcement. It’s my mission to keep on top of it.

Today, I’m going to stay on the Teengenerate topic and introduce the new release on Target Earth by the Raydios.

The Raydios is the band Fink started after the breakup of Teengenerate. In ’97 maybe? The members at that time were Fink, Sammy (ex-Teengenerate), Aoki (Havenot’s) and Yoda (Havenot’s) and they made their debut opening for the Misfits.

Aoki quit and then Fifi joined for about four gigs and then the band broke up. In a kind of natural evolution, Fink joined Firestarter and not much happened with Raydios for a while.

This version of Firestarter put out a release called ‘Original Demo Recording’ on Screaming Apple in Germany. During that same time, Target Earth put out a 4-song EP. It included a cover of the Scientists’ ‘Last Night’ that isn’t on the LP.

Some time passed and in the mid-00s, Fink decided he wanted to focus on his own songs, so he quit Firestarter. He put together Raydios again. The members were Fink, Azumi (ex-The Youngones) and Kashima (Rockbottom).

With this lineup, they released the single ‘Rock Brochure (Three Dimensional)’ and then they put out the album ‘Now’ on Mangrove Label. This album was also released as an LP by Dirtnap.

Around the time of these releases, Sawa from the Faceful came into the band, making it a 4-piece. With Sawa in the band, the Raydios have a thicker and tougher sound.

2011 saw the release of two singles on Mangrove, ‘Fallin’ Apart’ and ‘Do It.’ After that, Kashima left and Kaz from Kill Times filled in for a while. In 2012, ex-Youngones drummer Suzuki joined and now the band was powered by the Youngones rhythm section. After that, they contributed a song to the ‘It’s All Panic!’ compilation 7-inch.

Now, we finally come to this single. Actually, this single was recorded when Kashima was in the band. The idea originally was for Mangrove to put out a series of three singles, with the other two being ‘Fallin’ Apart’ and ‘Do It.’ But Fink wanted Target Earth to release it instead. So, you could say this is from the Mangrove era.

Fink says that in the Teengenerate days, they had records put out by many different labels, but they got ripped off sometimes and there were other problems, so he wanted to put out records with a more familiar label.

The B-side f this record has Usami (ex-Evil Hoodoo) on organ and Morimoto from the Playmates and Koji from Rockbottom on backup vocals, so this version of ‘Lies’ is a little different from the way they play it live.

Also, there’s a message imprinted in the design of the back jacket, so please check it out.

I’m getting off topic here, but in order to cut costs on the jacket, I pasted them myself. At first it was fun but of course it got to be more and more of a pain in the ass. My attempt at DIY record making made deliveries to some stores late. Sorry about that!

You can buy the record at Raydios shows and places like Nat and Base. Please pick one up!


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