Meow, Scratch and a Guitar to the Face – The Kannana Speedcats

The Kannana Speedcats play kickass Runaways-influenced rock and roll. They manage to be both tough and lovely at the same time, and their drummer is fantastic. She plays a simple kit and beats on it the way a drummer should. Here is an oldish 2008 ‘so, who are you guys’ type interview with them from a blog called We Love Jett (vids below).

The 'cats all jumping at the same time (including drummer)

The ‘cats all jumping at the same time (including drummer)

RJ: First of all, can you give us a quick introduction to the members and how the band got together?
TJ: The members are Lily Sunocoff on vocals, Tomoko Marie Jett on guitar, Beh on bass and Natsuko de Twist on drums. The way we got together is that me, Lily and Beh were dancers for the 5,6,7,8’s and we saw Natsuko doing the twist. So we grabbed her and that was it. We were the Kannana Speedcats.

RJ: Why did you pick the name Kannana Speedcats?
TJ: Because we all lived along Kannana*.
*note: Kannana Dori is a major artery in Tokyo

RJ: That makes sense. Since you’ve been a band have there been any funny stories or anything?
TJ: There was somebody being really noisy and annoying at one of our shows. So, Beh kicked him and I did my best Keith impression and smacked him with my guitar. It turns out he was some famous musician who performed at Kohaku**.
**note: Kohaku Uta Gassen is a boring New Year’s concert where boring but famous celebrities sing boring songs and everybody claps and acts like it’s fucking brilliant***
***note: editor’s opinion

RJ: Whoah! That’s crazy. Tell me who that was later. Is there another band that’s wired like the Speedcats?
TJ: They broke up but the Portugal Japan from Kumamoto. Then there’s Pazuzu & Lilith carrying on the tradition in Kumamoto.

RJ: Oh yeah, a three-piece all-girl band, right? They broke up? Okay, what about bands or artists that you respect?
TJ: Joan Jett, the Runaways, Rox, Girls, Suzi Quatro, Cherry Vanilla, New York Dolls, Germs, Alice Cooper, Kiss, the Replacements… just to name a few.

RJ:Okay. Outside of playing in a band, what else do you do?
TJ: Well, I guess we pretty much live the straight and narrow. Lily likes belly dancing, Japanese lessons and sake tasting. I like pro wrestling, movies and checking out cafes. Beh likes Japanese dance, violin and cats. And Natsuko likes sumo, art and Capoeira.

RJ: Capoeira?! Are there any bands you’re into lately or bands you’re going to play with that are cool?
TJ: The most exciting hands down is Electric Eel Shock. They’re on their world tour. They are the absolute best.
From November, we’re attacking the north with a Sapporo tour.

RJ: Wow, great!! Enjoy good food, good sake and good shows in Hokkaido. Finally, who is Joan Jett to you?
TJ: My big sis!!!

Kannana Speedcats

pic from Rock Chicks Rule

pic from Rock Chicks Rule


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