Teengenerate Gets Back Together One Last Time to Celebrate the Release of ‘Get Action!!’

Here’s a review of the Teengenerate show Sunday night at the Shelter (2/23) from CD Journal. What, no mention of the Youngones? Maybe the reviewer went out for a beer. And I added thing ‘Shoe’s whip-fast drumming.’

Photo by Masao Nakagami (Target Earth)

Photo by Masao Nakagami (Target Earth)

Teengenerate is a band that blew up the punk rock scene 20 years ago. On February 23rd, they reformed for just one night to blow it up all over again to a crowd of 250+ rabid fans at a ‘Get Action!!’ documentary release show at Shimokitazawa Shelter in Tokyo.

The first band of the night was the Raydios, Teengenerate front-man Fink’s current band. With a harsh, stabbing guitar that says ‘This is rock and roll,’ the band’s jagged, straightforward songs drove the crowd crazy.

Other Teengenerate front-man Fifi’s band Firestarter offered melodious, earnest songs that invoked the spirit of good ol’ rock and roll and further fired up the crowd.

With Fink saying ‘This is our first song,’ the band launched into ‘Mess Me Up’ and a historic night was begun. With well-crafted pop songs adorned with wicked guitar riffs, propulsive vocals and Sammy’s sinister bass lines, all it needed was Shoe’s whip-fast drumming to raise the crowd’s temperature to the detonation threshold. A storm of rock and roll ripped through the club and the crowd became a sweaty, drunken, smiling, fist-in-the-air tidal wave.

The band whipped through 20 tunes, playing for almost an hour including the encore. The set was like a rocket that shot in a trajectory of the band’s 3 year story. For the encore, fellow rock and roll wildman Ono-Ching from the Jet Boys donned his birthday suit and played a song with the band.

The whole night – the reunion, the wild sound, the crazy energy, the band and audience members who haven’t changed since 20 years ago – was made possible because the members of Teengenerate still play today in their respective bands and stay true to the spirit of the band.

Everything about the night was great. Great rock and roll, great booze, and lots of smiling faces.


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