Review: Raydios – Do You Wanna Walk With Me?

I know I already posted about this record but that was Nakagami-san’s review translated to English and it was more about the band’s history than the record itself. So I thought I’d write my own review.

Raydios / Do You Wanna Walk With Me?

This is, I think, the 6th and latest single by the Raydios but as Nakagami-san said in his review, it was recorded several years ago during the time they were putting out stuff on Mangrove.

The record starts with some nice floor tom thumping that gives way to a kind of jagged riff and then a chant that persists off and on through the remaining 2 minutes – ‘DO YOU WANNA WALK WITH ME… DO YOU WANNA WALK WITH ME… DO YOU WANNA WALK WITH ME….’ etc.

I guess maybe the walk he’s talking about is the walk home from school because later you catch some lyrics about ‘after school.’ But it’s not like some teen doo-wop song about holding hands or some sensitive Big Star type ‘won’t you let me walk you home from school’ thing. It’s a sinister chant that I imagine running through some neanderthal teenage misfit’s head as he ogles girls that will never come near him, much less walk him home from school.

It’s almost kind of a threat the way the phrase is spit out. I can see the kid mumbling it, trying to sound nice but his lack of social skills turns it into something brutish and evil: ‘Do YOU wanna WALK with me?’ The girl backs away, textbooks held tightly to her chest, a look of horror in her eyes, and the misfit adds it to his file of rejection, frustration and pain that will one day produce punk rock masterpieces.

Just my interpretation, mind ya.

After a couple times through, the song breaks down into some guitar chord stabs reminiscent of a Kinks intro or the breakdown in Teengenerate’s ‘Grown Up Wrong,’ and then the song goes into a part that’s almost kinda sensitive, vulnerable and melodic but not quite, and then the teenage punk puts his wall of social alienation back up and it’s back to the chant and snarl. The girl is sprinting away at this point.

The second side is ‘Lies,’ which kicks off with an apocalyptic chord progression accompanied by a police siren and then gives way to another of Fink’s trademark stab you in the ear-hole guitar riffs. The guitars are so evilly distorted that they squeak when the chords change.

This song, I think, is about how there are too many lies on the radio. I think so because the chorus goes, ‘Too many lies on the radio.’ It’s another in the canon of songs about rock and roll sucking or being weak today by Tokyo’s record nerd turned rockers.

‘Lies’ has backup vocals by Cozy from Rockbottom and an organ apparently but I can’t hear it, probably due to the cheapshit nature of my record player. I’ll have to listen again louder.

This is a great little rock and roll record and my kids love it even more than I do. It gets a lot of requests.


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