Teengenerate documentary coming soon to yr DVD player!

Teengenerate doc ‘Get Action!’, which blazed into theaters just a few short months ago, is set to be released on DVD! It hasn’t even finished tearin’ up the theaters of Japan, but pretty soon you can get a copy into your DVD player! And there’s also a limited edition 2-disc set with a ridiculous amount of extra footage!

According to sources at King Records, it just might be the longest player the label has ever handled. ‘Minutemen: We Rock Econo’ clocks in at 308 minutes and both ‘Lemmy: The Movie’ and ‘Kocorono’ expand attention spans at 246 minutes. But ‘Get Action!’ just might have them beat.

For those of you who haven’t mastered Japanese yet, don’t worry. There are English subtitles.

Wait! There’s more super-exciting shit: To commemorate the release, a rock and roll compilation overseen by Target Earth’s Masao Nakagami called ‘I Don’t Like Sex’ is getting a rush release! Bands that may grace the comp include Firestarter, the Raydios, Supersnazz, the Thunderroads, Rockbottom, Car Crash, Frantic Stuffs, Boys Order, Beat Generation, TV Orphans, Ninglers, Sunsett, Dictators, Young Fresh Fellows, Theee Bat, Baby Blue, Borokichi (BO!ROCK-1), the Zeros and Perioherique Est!

Wait! Don’t go nuts yet!… ‘Shell Shock Rock,’ the historic documentary that takes you inside Ireland’s rock and roll scene, is making its first appearance on DVD!

Holy crap, there’s too much cool shit to be excited about!

Teengenerate documentary


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