Teengenerate documentary coming to DVD

TG Kicking out the Jams

Teengenerate documentary ‘Get Action’, which has been running the Japanese indie theater circuit since its March release, is coming to DVD on September 10th, along with Japanese gunk punk comp ‘I Don’t Like Sex.’

The band was only active from 1993 to 1995 but it managed to crank out a total of 73 songs and play 80 shows overseas, leaving a

huge impact in the 90’s garage punk scene. The Teengenerate doc ‘Get Action!’ was set to play just two weeks at Shinjuku’s Cinema Qualite in Tokyo, but with requests coming in from all over the country, it hit the road, touring the nation’s indie theaters. There have even been a slew of offers to show the film internationally in the U.S., Australia, Mexico, Slovenia and Croatia as well. The film features not only the members of Teengenerate, but other rock and roll notables like Seiji from Guitar Wolf, Supersnazz’s Tomoko, Taylow from Genbaku Onani’s, Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and Andy Gortler from the Devil Dogs.

For the initial release, the DVD will include a whole second disc of bonus material including rare live footage, interview outtakes and director Kondo speaking about the film. The package also includes a reissue of the ‘Live at Shelter’ CD from a live performance at Shimokitazawa Shelter recorded in December, 1995. It’s a treat for fans who were there back in the day, but also a chance for young fans to see the band in action.

‘I don’t like Sex,’ features not only bands that were there in the scene with Teengenerate, but also a newly recorded version the Dictators song ‘Teengenerate’ from which the band got its name. On the same day, King Records is also releasing a DVD version of the legendary 1979 U.K. punk rock documentary ‘Shellshock Rock.’


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