Young Parisian Glitters up Your Turntable

Young Parisian is a Tokyo glam rock band that goes all out – sparkly suits, platform shoes, caked on make-up, crazy theatrics, glitter all over the stage, and plenty of ass-shakin’ boogie. They just put out their new 7″ ‘Last Time Boogie.’

Description at Base website:

Young Parisian’s new single – “Last Time Boogie, b/w Dresser Boy”


This 7″ is the first analog release by Tokyo’s premier glam rock band Young Parisian, released on Majestic Sound.

Young Parisian’s long awaited vinyl debut was produced by modern-glam mastermind and ‘beat king’ Mr. Pan of the Neatbeats, who harnessed the R&R magic of the vintage gear at Grand Frog Studio to give this slab of vinyl the glitter and sparkle it deserves. Using the band’s own Vampower and H/H amps, it’s a sound that will get T. Rex nuts salivating.

Both sides of this 7″ have a classic sound but present a new kind of glam sound that the world has never known!

Band bio at BM.3:

Young Parisian is a glam rock band that burst on the scene in Tokyo in spring 2002. In February 2006, Time Bomb Records released the band’s first album, ‘Young Parisian – Sono Karei Naru Sekai.’ Yura Yura Teikoku’s Shintaro Sakamoto wrote a song for the album and when legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer played a track on his radio show, it caused quite a stir in the international glam rock world.

Their 2nd album, ‘All That Glitters’ was released by Time Bomb in March 2009. If the first album is straight glam rock, this album pushes further into what you might call ‘Glitter Beat.’ They even take a shot at disco.

They followed up the second record with appearances on comps and tributes, proving to the world that you can turn any song whatsoever into a glam rock stomp. In recent years, the band has opened for big names touring Japan like Silverhead and Sweet. Young Parisian is a glam rock band that gets love not only from the glitter freak scene, but from the punks, garage rockers, rockabillies and mods as well.



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