Andy Shernoff in Japan!

Tokyo rock and roll freaks, this is going to be a weekend to remember forever. Andy Shernoff is coming to Japan! He’s playing four shows, starting with the Rock-Ichi Rock-Za rock extravaganza and flea market!


Andy Shernoff in Japan

There will be a slew of some of the greatest bands Tokyo has ever seen, and the night will be rounded out with a set by Andy (or Adny if ya prefer) with backup band The Sex (a group of ill-mannered hired guns often seen lushing it up at Tokyo booze holes). The set is sure to include Dictators as well as Andy’s solo stuff and a few surpises maybe, who knows, just sayin’, maybe, wink wink…

Tickets are available through Lawson (L73072) and e-Plus, or you can buy them directly from Shindaita Fever.

Andy’s schedule looks something like this:

9/21 – Shindaita Fever
Rock-Ichi Rock-Za
w/ a slew of utterly amazing bands
(also, Andy will be DJ’ing)

9/22 – Poor Cow
This is a solo show and I have no idea who else is playing, if anybody…

9/23 – Shibuya HMV
In-store solo show and autograph signing extravaganza. Live performance is at 14:00.

9/23 – Koenji Green Apple
w/ Supersnazz

As if things weren’t exciting enough with Andy Shernoff and a slew of great bands, this year’s Rock-Ichi Rock-Za is also the release party of the “I Don’t Like Sex” comp. “I Don’t Like Sex” is a comp full of bands that are related somehow to Teengenerate and the comp’s release goes along with the release of the Teengenerate documentary Get Action! to DVD, which by the way you should also get if you haven’t (the bonus interviews especially are great).

At some point this weekend or next week, I will get slobberingly inebriated and trap poor Andy and blab at him, probably in tears, about how much I love his songwriting. I’ll probably start jibbering about how I saw “Go Girl Crazy” in a record shop and fell in love with it just by scanning the wacky titles (li’l Missourah boy without the proper educatin’ in pre-innernet daze who knew not yon legendary punk rock band)… then maybe go on about the near religious experience had when first aurally devoured “Blood Brothers”… my unending love of “Manifest Destiny” and all the nights blasting “D.F.F.D” and Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom at friends in my insect-ridden basement in Denver…

Blah blah blah, but hopefully I’ll get to the point where I tell him that his songwriting is pure genius and a huge inspiration to me, the way he writes songs that are pure juvenile boobery while somehow at the same time being the cleverest, most sharp-wittet’est shit you ever heard, just like a teenager trying to act tough and stupid and snarky like everybody else to cover up how intelligent he actually is. That stew of stupid and clever is at the heart of the Dictators’ songs and, come to think of it, pretty much all good rock and punk.

Rant much? Why yes… see ya this weekend!



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