Rangsteen’s new record “Zero” out on Stay Free!

Folks, I try to write stuff that’s current but all of this cool rock and roll gets zero press coverage and it’s tough to find even so much as a live report that’s not 5 or 10 years old. So, what’s happening right now in the world of Tokyo underground rock and roll is the release of Hokkaido punk rock trio Rangsteen’s 3rd album “Zero.” Still, there is scant press to be found, so I cobbled together some stuff about the band and the record and translated it just for you…

Right on the heels of Teengenerate doc “Get Action” and the accompanying “I Don’t Like Sex” comp, on which the band appears, Rangsteen is putting out their 3rd record “Zero.” Like all their other releases, it’s totally self-produced and coming out on Stay Free, the label of Fifi of Teengenerate and Firestarter.


“Zero” has11 earnest and energetic rockers infused with their characteristic brand of punk rock agression – and sung in Japanese, a rarity among Tokyo underground bands of recent years. The songs range from the usual high-octane punk rock that make their live shows so kickass to slow numbers that bring on the heartache and even a song with a sax on it. “The End,” which appears on the “I Don’t Like Sex” comp, is also on the album.

Originally hailing from Hakodate in the snowy north, the band changed its name in 2002 and relocated to Tokyo. There, they caught the ear of Fifi and Stay Free starting putting out their records. Their 1st full-length “Dance In Hell” and the 7-inch “Your Song” came out in 2008, followed by a 2nd full-length “Roll” in 2011.

With every release, the band hits the road, zigzagging all over Japan and playing anywhere the kids wanna rock, and they’re doing the same with “Zero”. Tour dates below!

Rangsteen – Zero

*my shitty translations in parentheses

1. Just Keep On

2. The End

3. ロックンロール&ミュージック (Rock ‘n Roll & Music)

4. かまわないぜ (It Don’t Matter)

5. Rock Bar

6. ゼロになって (Be Zero)

7. あんたと (With You)

8. Fly Now

9. Loves You

10. 今夜だけ (Only Tonight)

11. 似テ非ナルモノ (something like Looks Real But Isn’t Real and I think it’s maybe a play on words…)

Available at:

Koenji Base http://www.recordshopbase.com/

Mito Knox http://recordknox.shop-pro.jp/

Nagoya Answer http://www.recordshopanswer.com/

Osaka Time Bomb http://www.timebomb.co.jp/

Nagano Goodtimes http://discgoodtimes.com/

Sapporo Teenarama! http://www.teenarama.jp/

Fukuoka Garage Land  http://70s-records.shop-pro.jp/

Disk Union http://diskunion.net/punk/ct/detail/1006624437

Tower Records http://tower.jp/artist/516102/RANGSTEEN

HMV http://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_RANGSTEEN_000000000406622/

Amazon http://www.amazon.co.jp/ZERO-RANGSTEEN/dp/B00TTV5Q5U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429176600&sr=8-1&keywords=rangsteen

Tour Dates:

4/19 (Sun) Tokyo, Shin-Okubo Earthdom

4/25 (Sat) Tokyo, Ogikubo Club Doctor – Record Release Show

5/1 (Fri) Miyagi, Sendai Hardland

5/2 (Sat) Yamagata Sandinista

5/23 (Sat) Fukuoka Kieth Flack

6/20 (Sat) Osaka Hokage

6/21 (Sun) Mie,  Yokkaichi Vortex

6/27 (Sat) Tokyo, Nakano Heavysick Zero

7/12 (Sun) Nagano Venue

7/18 (Sat) Tochigi,  Utsunomiya Pop Garage

7/25 (Sat) Tokyo, Musashi-Sakai Statto

8/22 (Sat) Hokkaido, Asahikawa Mosquito

8/23 (Sun) Hokkaido, Sapporo Counter Action

9/12 (Sat) Shizuoka, Shimizu Ham

9/19 (Sat) Gifu, Nakatsugawa Big Door

9/22 (Tues) Tokyo, Hatagaya Heavysick


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