Frantic Stuffs bitchslaps your earholes with first full-length “Last Wave”

Slap together wild desperate punk rock with 70s proto-metal riffery, pour beer on it and squish it around until everybody’s fisting the air in front of them and devil-horning. That pretty much sums up Frantic Stuffs. They’re putting out their first slab of long-playing vinyl and it’s going to be fukken cool. Here’s the descripty-doo from Record Shop Base ( I took some liberties.

Crazy rocknroll crap kidz don’t hafta wait much longer – This month, Frantic Stuffs is releasing their long-awaited first LP “Last Wave” on Episode Sounds.Last Wave

Frantic Stuffs are an Osaka institution who have been laying audiences to waste with their primitive, metal-infused (in a good way) riff-punk for nearly 15 years. Their music manages to be both heavy/sludgy and manic, a kind of hard rock- and booze-infused proto-punk that’s pretty fucking original. The kids have been hot for this LP for a long, long time…

The band got together in 2000. They put out their first 7″ “Break Loose” on their own M.F.F.M. label. It, and their second 7″ “Crap Kidz!”, offered up blistering and raw frantic punk, but then something happened. Tempos slowed, riffs got heavy, cities caught on flame with rock and roll, and the band found its sound among battered 300-yen 70s hard rock records right alongside their punk record collections.

While playing in both hometown Osaka and all over Japan, the band was also busy hosting its “Last Wave” event. Last Wave became an Osaka institution and a scene of like-minded bands grew up around it including the likes of Erazer, Louder and X-Discos. The Frantic Stuffs also brought bands from all over Japan to Osaka like Liquid Screen, Zymotics, Nailclippers, Rockbottom, Keen Monkey Work, Beat Caravan, Perfectform, Gimmies and P.C.2, piling into a van or onto a night bus for the crusty journey to enjoy the splendors of Osaka with the ‘Stuffs as drunken mischievous hosts.

The band also played a role in bringing bands to Japan from overseas. This all started with the ‘Stuffs opening for the Rubber City Rebels on their Japan tour. Bands Frantic Stuffs brought include, in collab with Episode Sounds, the Rough Kids and Sonny Vincent (with Frantic Stuffs guitarist and bassist playing in Sonny Vincent’s backup band for the tour).

Meanwhile, the band continued to slap each new successive generation of Osaka punk kids with its jagged riffs. For several years, the band didn’t put anything out but appeared on several comps, including Needle Records’ “Carbon Natural No.8 – King Size Needle” and “Rave On: A Tribute to The Reducers Vol.1.”

Most recently, they appeared on the “I Don’t Like Sex” comp for the “Get Action!” Teengenerate documentary. The weird and desperate “Mr. Zero” offers a drool-inducing taste of what the full-length has to offer.

“Last Wave,” which was recorded starting last year, contains 10 crusty little gems distilled from their 15 years of rockin’. Osaka studio wizard Ippei Suda twiddled the knobs from recording basic tracks to final mixing and mastering. The sleeve’s impactful-as-a-motherfucker design features the unique paper-cutting style of Tokyo artist Sora Mizusawa.

You could call this record the band’s “Complete History,.” Or you could not. Entirely up to you, Jim. No matter what you call it, this slab or rock and roll will be waiting at whatever cool record store is nearest you (if in Japan) or you can oogle-boogle it on your “world wide web” thing or whatever the kids are into these days.

Okay, let’s skim the track titles and then watch the videos at the end…



1. Crap Kidz!

2. Dead Meat

3. I Shot Your Head

4. I’m So Nervous

5. All Gone Dead

6. Break Loose

7. Complete Immorality

8. My Hardcore Rules

9. Pseudo Love



One more thing – in January next year, the Frantic Stuffs are hitting the road and bringing the raucous rawk to a shitty stink pit* near you**.

*(no offence to the shitty stink pits listed below)

**(“near you” if you’re in Japan… otherwise a tour for them in your country, jerkus)


Saturday, January 9 – Penguin House (Koenji, Tokyo) with Black and White, Middle Edge, The Thunderroads, The Raydios and Wotzit.


Sunday, January 10 – Fuck Yeah (Yokosuka) with Beat Caravan, Mule Team, Aggro and more.


Monday, January 11 – Vortex (Yokkaichi) with TBA


Saturday, January 23 – Bears (Namba, Osaka) with Liquid Screen and more.


Saturday, January 30 – Mero Mero Pocchi (Kanazawa) with P.C. 2, Beat Generation, Teenage Love Bombs and more.


“Last Wave” will be in stores October 17. Get some!







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