Young Parisian’s new order

This is a post from Young Parisian’s All That Glitters blog written by frontman Tsuneglam Sam…
Young Parisian hasn’t had even one change in membership since forming in 2002, but for various reasons bassist Marsha is taking an indefinite break and drummer Hero as well…

… but no taking a break for the other three.

I’m the vocalist so it’s not like I’m going to go and sing with a bunch of other bands, and if I’m not on stage, there’s no point in going on living.

So, after about three minutes of intense and sometimes heated deliberation, we decided we needed some help.Well, we’ve already played our first show as Young Parisian’s “new order,” and here’s the lineup:


Our new drummer is NaoNao of the Vivian Boys!

Young Parisian2

And on bass we have Harry.


And our first show with the new lineup was a hell of a lot of fun.


It was a memorial show for our beloved Lux Interior.


We started with this song, with NaoNao on vocals!



Then, we played the Cramps / Buddy Love version of this:



After that, we played our originals Cramps-style. It was a real good time.

We owe great thanks to NaoNao and Harry, who resurrected Young Parisian and kept us from breaking up.

Thank you everybody who came and Heavy Sick’s staff for inviting us.






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