Tweezers bring the rock to Osaka

Some bands wax philosophical and go on long speeches expounding the true essence of rock and roll and what it all means in these interviews. The Tweezers don’t, not in this one anyway. This quick interview was done before they went and played Osaka at the end of last year. None of that philosophy crap here, pal. Just talk about rockin’ and partyin’ and havin’ a good time.  


Joe Zip: Please introduce the band.

Fifi: I think we got together around 1994. We were hanging out after a show drinking and the booze brought on the whole “let’s start a band” discussion. We broke up around three years after. Four years ago, we got back together to play a friend’s wedding party and we’ve been playing ever since. 

Tomoko: I remember that we chose the name Sires at first. The idea was that we’d do Flamin’ Groovies covers from when they were on Sire. A friend started calling us Tweezers and we appeared on King Joe’s “Soft, Hell!” video playing “Shake Some Action” as Tweezers, so it stuck.

The Tweezers are: Fifi (vocals), Tomoko (bass, vocals), Ozaki (guitar), Tamagawa (guitar) and Uganda (drums).


JZ: Every member is in other bands too, right?

Fifi: Our first priority even more than when we were playing before is to have a good time and for the audience to have a good time. Everybody is in other bands and we used to think of Tweezers as a side band, but now we don’t really draw that distinction anymore.

Tomoko: The members of this band taught me everything, from good music and how to play well to how to drink. It’s fun and that’s why we keep playing. We just want the audience to drink and enjoy the music with us.


JZ: What have you guys been doing recently?

Fifi: We’re playing anywhere anybody invites us to play, as long as we can. We’re ready!

Tomoko: We’ve been playing a lot lately. We’ll go anywhere if somebody asks us. Last year we even went and played in Nakatsukawa (*in Gifu Prefecture). After that, we’ve been throwing around ideas for new songs.

JZ: Are there any new releases in the works?

F: Let’s wait and see (laughs)!

T: We’re hopin’!


JZ: We’re looking forward to seeing you guys in Osaka again.

F: We’ve had nothing but good experiences playing Osaka. Osaka and Osaka fans have always been good to us so we’re going on returning the favor, Tweezers-style!

T: Everything about Osaka is just the best – the fans, the food, the drinks and the energy on the streets. I think there are a lot of people there who used to listen to us when they were younger. We’ll turn back the clock for you! I’m really looking forward to it.

JZ: Is there anything in particular you want people to pay attention to during the set?

F: Watch how Tama-chan plays his guitar!

T: We’ve added some covers to our set including Young Fresh Fellows and Reducers and we’re gonna play them in Osaka.

JZ: What do you think about the other bands you’re playing with in Osaka?

F: They’re all nothing but bands we love. I can’t wait!

T: They’re all great but since you asked, I’m really excited to play with the Choosers. Choosers vocalist Kei also loves Osaka and he runs a bar in Sapporo called Teenarama and drinking there is just like drinking at Poor Cow. It’s so cool to see bars like this opening in different places in Japan. So nice to have fun places to hang out.


Holy fuck! Talk about turning back the clock!! After the interview, they gave me this picture from when they played on the radio.



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