A sizzling slice of punk rock and roll boogie action – Rangsteen / High Life split EP

Hey, this is not a review. I haven’t got the record yet. Yet (although if I’d had more than a couple of 100-yen coins to rub together at Poor Cow the other night, I’d a had). This is the product description from the Base Records website via Rangsteen blog. Enjoy and then buy the rekkid…


What’s this!?! Yeah, that’s right, it’s a slab of pure Tokyo punk rock badassfuckery smacked onto vinyl by none other than the city’s reigning kings of street rock, Rangsteen and High Life.

Out on the illustrious Stay Free label run by Fifi of Firestarter, the Tweezers, Teengenerate, and Poor Cow in Shimokitazawa (the label that the Rangsteen boys have already graced with three LPs and an EP).

Check out that steamy cover, just oozing with virility. You can almost get a quaff the manly waft. The record sizzles just as hard as the cover. And yer not gonna find a better match of bands than the two sides of this disc, Jim.

The first tune is Rangsteen’s “Rock Love,” which hurtles full throttle directly into your gooey brains via loud speaker and needle. Guaranteed to shake you and make you want to hear it again, but…

Then there’s their Rangsteenified version of Izumi Shigeru’s “Yoru ni Tsumadzugi” (penned by Beat Takeshi). They do it how they wanna do it and render it an aural punch in the balls.

Then comes the High Life. High Life is a band that has thus far only dropped to earth a demo. With this, their first official release, they deliver a knock-out punch. “With Rock With You” is a Japanese-language rockathon with a melody and drive to electrocute your heart.

The second is a couple minutes of pure ass-shakery, their hit tune and signature song, “Roller Boogie.” And bring the boogie & then some it does.

This slick slice of record is designed to rock you and it delivers. Awriiiight!

You buy here now:

  • Shimokitazawa Poor Cow
  • Record Shop Base
  • Any record store worth a quarter turd as of Oct 1
  • Musashi Statto Oct 1 at the two-man record release show

“Split EP release 2-man LIVE”
October 1, 2016 (SAT)
Musashi Statto
OPEN 19:30 / START 20:00



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