Tweezers ”Already” remastered and reissued with bonus tracks!!

These guys are friends of mine…

New from Timebomb Records!

A remastered edition of the Tweezers “Already” is set for release on August 18 on CD and LP, along with a new previously unreleased 7″ EP!

Twenty years after the release of the band’s sole full-length, “Already” has been remastered and is hitting stores August 18. The Tweezers were a seminal Japanese punk/power pop band that included Fifi (Teengenerate/Firestarter), Tomoko (Supersnazz), Ozaki (Samantha’s Favourite/Boyce) and Uganda (Pees).

Timebomb is planning to upload tunes for you to check out here –


The CD includes a total of 21 tracks, including the band’s 1998 7″ put out by Target Earth Records and unreleased studio recordings!
[BOMBCD-122] 2,500 yen + tax

For collectors only! Timebomb is also releasing a limited run of 500 numbered vinyl LPs.
[BOMB-122] 2,500 yen + tax

Release Date : Saturday, August 19, 2017

Now accepting advanced orders!

Limited number include A2-sized poster!

Now accepting orders for limited edition 500 LPs!


1. Get That Girl

2. Walking With A Radio On

3. T.V. Romance

4. I’m The One

5. The Glory Girls

6. Someday

7. Dance The Night Away

8. Saturday Night

9. She Said

10. Teen Machinery

11. Pretty Boy

12. Next Time Around

13. Bad Time

14. Prove It

Bonus Tracks:

15. Favourite

16. Subway Killer

17. She’s Got Rock ‘N’ Roll

18. Starry Eyes

19. Love Kills

20. Someday (alternate version)

21. Teen Machinery (alternate version)

15-17: From “Favourite” 7″ EP on Target Earth Records, released in 1998 (TE-003)

18: From “VA/Rockin’ Jelly Bean’s Jumpin’ Jukebox!” released in 2000 on Dionysus Records (US Dionysus Records CD-123352)

19: Previously unreleased

20-21: Previously unreleased raw studio outtakes


The Tweezers / Love Kills

Limited edition 3-song 7″ EP – Limited to just 300 copies!

[BOMB-121] 1,389 yen + tax

Taking advanced orders starting early October!

Release date to be announced… check back!!

From the vaults, here are 3 songs recorded during the sessions for 1997’s “Already” but never released. It includes the unreleased “Love Kills” and raw and sizzling outtake versions of the record’s “Someday” and “Teen Machinery”!

A-1: Love Kills (Previously unreleased track)

B-1: Someday (Studio outtake)

B-2: Teen Machinery (Studio outtake)

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