Talent Show “3 Tunes” cassette and download out now!

Time for a little shameless self-promotion! You can get my band Talent Show’s “3 Tunes” cassette through Record Shop Base’s online store here, or come see us on 2/24 at Nishi-Ogikubo Pit Bar with Litters, Car Crash, the Savages, and Silver Wigs. THERE AREN’T MANY LEFT (I think…). And I don’t wanna hear yer whining about how you don’t have a tape player. I don’t either! It comes with a free download, so you can get the tunes off that internet thingy and put it on your phone thingy or whatever it is you kids do these days. 


Description from Record Shop Base:

New in stock!!

This is the 3-song cassette from Talent Show, a pub rock / country rock / rock and roll band with members of Supersnazz and Beat Caravan! Think US country rock a la Brinsley Schwartz. The band was formed out of the ashes of the Hey Tonights, who formed around 2010 with Greg and Tomoko from Supersnazz and Bob and Matt from Beat Caravan. After they broke up, Greg and Matt started Talent Show with pub rock freak Uemura (ex-Rockfields) and in 2016, Louie from Saddles joined. Talent Show plays punk rockin’ honky tonk!

Vocal/Guitar – Greg (Tweezers,Rockbottom,ex-Supersnazz)
Guitar – Louie (ex-Saddles)
Bass – Uemura(ex-Rockfields)
Drums – Matt (Beat Caravan)

Again, here.  “File Under: Japanese Punk”!!



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