2013-06-14 23-46-46

Hey. I’m Greg Snazz, a long-time Japanese garage punk rock and roll freak and in the last several years a member of several of my own favorite bands.

The purpose of Keen Reaction (right now at least) is to take interviews, news and other stuff in Japanese and translate it to English so that folks like me 10 years ago (a dude living in the US wanting to know more about the wild sounds of Japan) can find out what the hell’s going on over here. Plus, I’ll embed videos so you can actually hear the bands, which I couldn’t do years ago unless I sent letters to Japanese people and demanded we trade music (which I did).

About me: Grew up in Missouri, lived in Colorado and a little in California and Arizona. Played in the Omens and the Risk in the US, now play drums in Supersnazz.

You can connect with me on that one site (can’t remember what it’s called): https://www.facebook.com/greg.snazz. I don’t tweet.


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