Haunted – the history of The Evil Hoodoo

The Evil Hoodoo is getting back together to play at this year’s Rock-Ichi Rock-Za at Shindaita Fever on September 3 and I’m excited as hell. Definitely one of the garagiest of the garagey garage punk bands, and plenty dark and noisesome to boot. Here is a history of the band by Masao Nakagami just published on the Target Earth blog.


Although the Evil Hoodoo are considered to be a band in the true tradition of garage rock that plays music faithful to its 60s roots, they were never really part of Tokyo’s garage scene. Their existence was like an air pocket, and like an air pocket in the sky, it caused some turbulence. Continue reading


The History of Teengenerate

Here’s a brief history of Teengenerate, as told by Masao Nakagami of Target Earth Records, and translated by yours truly. Enjoy!

What kind of band was Teengenerate? I think you’ll get a pretty good idea if you watch the documentary, but I thought I’d write my own story of the band to supplement the film.

Teengenerate was far from the first Japanese band to put out records and tour overseas. So what makes them so special?

For one thing, they had their own idea of what rock and roll and punk rock meant. This was an era when there were a lot of bands putting out records and putting on tours DIY-style and they were part of that. Also during this time, lots of connections were being made between like-minded bands, so some of it was purely good timing. You can see that all of that in the movie.

Brothers Fifi and Fink started their first band in Tokyo in the late 80s. They thought Tokyo was a mecca for rock and roll and figured if they moved there and started a band, they’d find other rock and roll

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