The fuzz, the blood and the beer – an interview with Go Devils, Acid Eater and the Baitones

This is an old interview but a good and fun one and anyway there’s no new content for me to translate (SEND ME STUFF…). Well, as per usual, the shit I love isn’t popular so nobody’s interviewing, reviewing, blogging about, or otherwise obsessing over the coolest bands I’ve ever heard… and so it ever goes. But I have a few “historic” interviews and things like this one lined up. This interview is from around 15 years ago for the release of the comp/3-way split “Demonic Freak Scene,” put out on Timebomb Records. The interview was done by Tsune from Young Parisian. It was originally published in a chopped-up form in Doll magazine but here’s the whole thing. 


Welcome to the Psychedelic Jungle

Time Bomb Records is proud to announce the release of “Demonic Freak Scene,” a compilation with three of the best freak-out bands from Osaka’s psychedelic jungle, the Go-Devils, the Baitones, and Acid Eater. Here’s an interview with the Go-Devils’ Momo (vo/g) and Angie (b), the Baitones’ Dai (vo/g) and Miwa (d), and Acid Eater’s Mazo Yamazaki.

– Let’s start with the Go Devils.

Dai: I first saw them about ten years ago. Go-Devils were the Continue reading


Rock-ichi Rock-za Review

First printed on Target Earth blog
Written by Masao Nakagami
Shittily translated by Greg Snazz

Part 1

This is the 4th year of Rock-ichi Rock-za (Rock市Rock座), an event that’s put on by the Thunderroads and Rockbottom. I didn’t put it on or anything but participated the first year and I was doing a bunch of stuff this year too. So, this isn’t the report of a regular audience member but somebody who was involved.

I was DJ’ing and also doing a bunch of other stuff like coordinating the video taping of the Teengenerate performance, arranging the Cozy performance, taking pictures of the show, etc. Mostly, I just talked to a bunch of people and did a bunch of stuff for the Teengenerate performance. Anyway, I’ll get to this later but the main event of the night (and of this report) was the performance by Teengenerate.

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