Shaky City!

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Don’t Look Back – Daddy-O-Nov’s Guitar Wolf story

Daddy-O-Nov is the promoter behind Emotional Market and Back From the Grave, events that put the Tokyo hardcore and garage punk scenes on the map. He also runs the Radio Underground label and makes custom badges. If you want one, contact him at


Well, Mods Mayday is over and now it’s summer and it looks like it’s gonna be a long one, “Long Hot Summer,” just like the Tom Robinson Band song. But seriously, those guys work hard to keep those events running, events like Mayday or London Nite Xmas, the ska-billy events and all of that. There are tons of people I only ever run into at those events, year after year, it’s like a class reunion or something.

I hope people feel that way about Back From the Grave. Shit! Speaking of BFTG, I gotta get my ass in gear and start booking bands. It’s almost June! This year’s Halloween Ball will be October 28 and 29 at Shinjuku Loft, so put it on your calendar. Hope to see you there.

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Teengenerate documentary coming to DVD

TG Kicking out the Jams

Teengenerate documentary ‘Get Action’, which has been running the Japanese indie theater circuit since its March release, is coming to DVD on September 10th, along with Japanese gunk punk comp ‘I Don’t Like Sex.’

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Beast Vibrator – Guitar Wolf’s Latest Blast of Jet Rock & Roll

Hey folks, here’s an interview with Guitar Wolf from Qetic from last March. Their latest ‘Beast Vibrator’ had just come out and they were getting ready to head out on some major tourage. They mostly talk about the album and playing live. A conch shell?? Apparently…

Interview by Qetic on March 1st, 2013


Whenever I try to describe Guitar Wolf’s music, nothing comes to mind but onomatopoeia. ‘GAAA!’ ‘GOHHHH!’ ‘GWAAAAA!’ You just can’t describe their sound with words. It’s a noise assault that rips through the
air and stabs you right in the gut. But to the band, it’s more than just noise. Rolled up in their songs are images, stories and meanings buried underneath the harsh distortion.

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