The fuzz, the blood and the beer – an interview with Go Devils, Acid Eater and the Baitones

This is an old interview but a good and fun one and anyway there’s no new content for me to translate (SEND ME STUFF…). Well, as per usual, the shit I love isn’t popular so nobody’s interviewing, reviewing, blogging about, or otherwise obsessing over the coolest bands I’ve ever heard… and so it ever goes. But I have a few “historic” interviews and things like this one lined up. This interview is from around 15 years ago for the release of the comp/3-way split “Demonic Freak Scene,” put out on Timebomb Records. The interview was done by Tsune from Young Parisian. It was originally published in a chopped-up form in Doll magazine but here’s the whole thing. 


Welcome to the Psychedelic Jungle

Time Bomb Records is proud to announce the release of “Demonic Freak Scene,” a compilation with three of the best freak-out bands from Osaka’s psychedelic jungle, the Go-Devils, the Baitones, and Acid Eater. Here’s an interview with the Go-Devils’ Momo (vo/g) and Angie (b), the Baitones’ Dai (vo/g) and Miwa (d), and Acid Eater’s Mazo Yamazaki.

– Let’s start with the Go Devils.

Dai: I first saw them about ten years ago. Go-Devils were the Continue reading


Talent Show “3 Tunes” cassette and download out now!

Time for a little shameless self-promotion! You can get my band Talent Show’s “3 Tunes” cassette through Record Shop Base’s online store here, or come see us on 2/24 at Nishi-Ogikubo Pit Bar with Litters, Car Crash, the Savages, and Silver Wigs. THERE AREN’T MANY LEFT (I think…). And I don’t wanna hear yer whining about how you don’t have a tape player. I don’t either! It comes with a free download, so you can get the tunes off that internet thingy and put it on your phone thingy or whatever it is you kids do these days. 


Description from Record Shop Base:

New in stock!!

This is the 3-song cassette from Continue reading

Frantic Stuffs bitchslaps your earholes with first full-length “Last Wave”

Slap together wild desperate punk rock with 70s proto-metal riffery, pour beer on it and squish it around until everybody’s fisting the air in front of them and devil-horning. That pretty much sums up Frantic Stuffs. They’re putting out their first slab of long-playing vinyl and it’s going to be fukken cool. Here’s the descripty-doo from Record Shop Base ( I took some liberties.

Crazy rocknroll crap kidz don’t hafta wait much longer – This month, Frantic Stuffs is releasing their long-awaited first LP “Last Wave” on Episode Sounds.Last Wave

Frantic Stuffs are an Osaka institution who have been laying audiences to waste with their primitive, metal-infused (in a good way) riff-punk for nearly 15 years. Their music manages to be both heavy/sludgy and manic, a kind of hard rock- and booze-infused proto-punk that’s pretty fucking original. The kids have been hot for this LP for a long, long time…

The band got together in 2000. They put out their first 7″ “Break Loose” on their own M.F.F.M. label. It, and their second 7″ “Crap Kidz!”, offered up blistering and raw frantic punk, but then something happened. Tempos slowed, riffs got heavy, cities caught on flame with rock and roll, and the band found its sound among battered 300-yen 70s hard rock records right alongside their punk record collections. Continue reading

Do You Wanna Walk with the Raydios?

Here’s a short history of the Raydios and blurb about their latest (3rd) single by Masao Nakagami from the Target Earth Blog.

Raydios / Do You Wanna Walk With Me?


I got quite a lot of feedback from last week’s Teengenerate announcement. It’s my mission to keep on top of it.

Today, I’m going to stay on the Teengenerate topic and introduce the new release on Target Earth by the Raydios.

The Raydios is the band Fink started after the breakup of Teengenerate. In ’97 maybe? The members at that time were Fink, Sammy (ex-Teengenerate), Aoki (Havenot’s) and Yoda (Havenot’s) and they made their debut opening for the Misfits. Continue reading

Teengenerate Live Report from Rock-ichi Rock-za

In my effort to bring you the latest in jet rock trash, here is a quick review of the Teengenerate reunion show on August 3rd at Shindaita Fever, the drummer of which who is mentioned once glowingly in the review is yours truly (not-so-humble brag). It’s from the free mag Follow Up, September ’13 edition.

 …Crap… I just realized there’s a longer review up on the Target Earth Blog. I guess that’s this week’s post.


 2013.08.03 (Sat) Shindaita Fever ‘Rock-ichi Rock-za’ Vol. 4… Teengenerate

Original article by Eiji Yoshinuma

Yes, there is rock and roll this awesome in Japan and this was an event to let everybody know it.


Tickets sold out quick and many who would do anything on earth to see Teengenerate again were left drowning in their tears. At the event members of important garage rock bands like the 5,6,7,8’s and the Neatbeats were selling stuff at the flea market and there were DJs like Target Earth’s King Joe, Guitar Wolf’s Taoru, Daddy-O-Nov and Rockin’ Enocky.

The first band was Kyoto’s girl garage band Nylon, followed by the descent to earth of Yokkaichi’s rock gods Gasoline. Next was Cozy (US) right in the middle of their Japan tour with a blend of catchy pre-punk bubble-gum and power pop. I was super impressed with the Cozy vocalists Japanese MC’ing chops. In the middle of Osaka girl garage band the Go-Devils’ set Rockin’ Jelly Bean made an appearance on guest vocals and they performed some kickass covers. The Gimmies were cool with their Detroit by way of Minneapolis sound.

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