Jumping in the night – Rock and roll in Fukuoka

This is Nakagami-san’s blog post about a trip to Fukuoka with Ruler. The original Japanese post is here


In early January, for probably the first time in like then years, I went to Fukuoka. The last time was probably with Rockbottom. Over the last few years I’d set up some shows with Hirashima in Fukuoka for Raydios, Tweezers and Beat Caravan, but Continue reading


Haunted – the history of The Evil Hoodoo

The Evil Hoodoo is getting back together to play at this year’s Rock-Ichi Rock-Za at Shindaita Fever on September 3 and I’m excited as hell. Definitely one of the garagiest of the garagey garage punk bands, and plenty dark and noisesome to boot. Here is a history of the band by Masao Nakagami just published on the Target Earth blog.


Although the Evil Hoodoo are considered to be a band in the true tradition of garage rock that plays music faithful to its 60s roots, they were never really part of Tokyo’s garage scene. Their existence was like an air pocket, and like an air pocket in the sky, it caused some turbulence. Continue reading

Rock tonight – the story of Stairs

Here’s an interview with Tappei (mostly) from Stairs that Nakagami-san gave me from the vaults. It’s from June 2009 and was recorded at an undisclosed Tokyo location that probably has cheap drinks. Here’s Nakagami-san’s intro…


It’s never really occurred to me to interview the Stairs because I was in their previous band and I know pretty much everything about them, and I went to high school with the ever-quirky Iizuka. So, what on earth could ask them about? But once we started talking, things started getting interesting. Stairs are starting to amass a pretty big following and they have a 7-inch coming out on Needle Records. In this interview, we mostly talk about the formation and history of the band.

Tappei There was a guy I used to work with, he was a real business type but he had some kind of connection with Kei Ogura*, and he said, “Hey, let’s go play on the street in Shin-Yokohama.” That was back when you didn’t see so many people doing that. Continue reading

Frantic Stuffs bitchslaps your earholes with first full-length “Last Wave”

Slap together wild desperate punk rock with 70s proto-metal riffery, pour beer on it and squish it around until everybody’s fisting the air in front of them and devil-horning. That pretty much sums up Frantic Stuffs. They’re putting out their first slab of long-playing vinyl and it’s going to be fukken cool. Here’s the descripty-doo from Record Shop Base (http://www.recordshopbase.com/coming2254.html). I took some liberties.

Crazy rocknroll crap kidz don’t hafta wait much longer – This month, Frantic Stuffs is releasing their long-awaited first LP “Last Wave” on Episode Sounds.Last Wave

Frantic Stuffs are an Osaka institution who have been laying audiences to waste with their primitive, metal-infused (in a good way) riff-punk for nearly 15 years. Their music manages to be both heavy/sludgy and manic, a kind of hard rock- and booze-infused proto-punk that’s pretty fucking original. The kids have been hot for this LP for a long, long time…

The band got together in 2000. They put out their first 7″ “Break Loose” on their own M.F.F.M. label. It, and their second 7″ “Crap Kidz!”, offered up blistering and raw frantic punk, but then something happened. Tempos slowed, riffs got heavy, cities caught on flame with rock and roll, and the band found its sound among battered 300-yen 70s hard rock records right alongside their punk record collections. Continue reading

Do Anything You Wanna Do – An Interview with Firestarter and the Registrators

This is an interview with Fifi of Firestarter and Otsuki of Registrators, and it’s old. Like maybe in the neighborhood of ’00-’02? Dunno but the Firestarter pic has Fink in it. Somebody with a better sense of dates and stuff can maybe figure it out. The interview is from the Loft website

Translator’s Note: I used the words ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ to translate 恥知らず which really means something like ‘people who know no shame.’



JN: Okay, so there are three bands playing this two-day event together. How did you guys originally meet each other?

Fifi: Otsuki came to see my old band, Teengenerate. That was about nine years ago I guess. From then on we always hung out together. We met First Alert five or six years ago when we played with them in Kyoto.

JN: It seems like these three bands occupy a special place here in the Tokyo punk scene.

Otsuki: I don’t think we’re doing anything special. That’s just because the people around us are weird, isn’t it? They’re into weird shit so they see us as weird but we’re the ones who are totally normal. Continue reading

Back in the U.A.E. – Teengenerate in Dubai


I don’t have anything prepared this week so I thought I’d write about Teengenerate in Dubai. No, we didn’t play there. I don’t think we’d be allowed to. Too many songs that insult the prophet. But we had a 6-hour layover there on our way to Spain to play the Funtastic Dracula Carnival and we decided to get out of the airport and explore. When are we ever gonna be back there? Continue reading

Do You Wanna Walk with the Raydios?

Here’s a short history of the Raydios and blurb about their latest (3rd) single by Masao Nakagami from the Target Earth Blog.

Raydios / Do You Wanna Walk With Me?


I got quite a lot of feedback from last week’s Teengenerate announcement. It’s my mission to keep on top of it.

Today, I’m going to stay on the Teengenerate topic and introduce the new release on Target Earth by the Raydios.

The Raydios is the band Fink started after the breakup of Teengenerate. In ’97 maybe? The members at that time were Fink, Sammy (ex-Teengenerate), Aoki (Havenot’s) and Yoda (Havenot’s) and they made their debut opening for the Misfits. Continue reading