Doctors of Madness in Japan, Part 1

Here’s part one of the story of Doctors of Madness coming to Japan by Masao Nakagami from Target Earth Blog


The Doctors of Madness came to Japan and played at Rock-ichi Rock-za a few weeks ago. In case you don’t know them, they’re a band that gets wedged into the “proto-punk” category, as being a punk band on the eve of punk rock (and they were part of the punk scene when it did break out). If you want to read more about them, you can head over to Wikipedia and get the whole story, but I wanted to write a little about how Continue reading


I wanna be a glam rock vending machine

Here’s an interview with Young Parisian front-strutter Tsuneglam Sam from Bollock Magazine‚Ķ

The one and only Young Parisian is putting out its first analog release. Hailed as modern glam rock for the new millennium, it was recorded at vintage-equipped Grand Frog Studio. Here’s an interview by engineer and producer Mr. Pan (The Neatbeats) with Parisian frontman Tsuneglam Sam.

a non-glam rock vending machine

a non-glam rock vending machine

Mr. Pan: First of all, how does it feel to put out Young Parisian’s first vinyl release?

Tsune: Well, we thought we’d put it out by ourselves but we’re not a punk band, so we’re not into DIY (laughs). We got an actual offer.

Mr.P: Right. In the era before 70s punk there wasn’t an established indie scene.

Tsune: That’s right. It was the era when rock was more showbiz. So you (Mr. Pan) approached us with the offer. I think it’s kind of funny that a glam rock band like Young Parisian would put out a vinyl record on Majestic Sound Records. Of course, I prefer records to CDs. Continue reading