Sayonara, Shinjuku Jam

At the end of 2017, Shinjuku Jam closed its doors. This was a place many a Tokyo rock freak spent many a night shouting incoherently with their fists in the air while their favorite band played at max volume on the stage.

My personal fave memory there is when the Dogs played and I lost my shoe in the mosh pit. After the song was over, Loren said into the mic, “Anybody lose a shoe?” while holding up my bar floor goo covered Converse, which somehow got passed back to me goo covered but fine. This is Nakagami-san’s post about Jam from the Target Earth blog. 


In the days leading up to Shinjuku Jam closing its doors at the end of 2017, it had a series of shows that devolved into wild parties to send off the iconic Tokyo venue. I organized one of those shows and I want to write here about Jam and my show there.

Jam opened in 1980, originally as a rehearsal studio. Many people know it for that, but for me and my friends, we know it as a rock club where we saw some of our favorite bands play over the years. It closed Continue reading


Power Pop Mania – Rockbottom Interview by Power Pop Academy

This is an interview from a while ago (December 2012) right after Rockbottom came off tour supporting their 3rd album, Revenge. If you’ve never heard or seen Rockbottom, they’re a fireball of furious energy on stage. In the interview they talk about their formation, the new album and tons and tons of philosophical ruminations on power pop. You think you love power pop? Rockbottom LOVES power pop. The original interview appeared on Power Pop Academy.


Rockbottom: Kashima (drums), Inagaki (guitar, vocals), Koji ‘Cozy’ Watanabe (bass).

Power Pop Academy
I’m so excited to be interviewing Rockbottom. The first time I saw Rockbottom was a long time ago. I went to see them because they were Inagaki from Treeberrys’ ‘other’ band. I remember being blown away by the power on stage. Seeing how Inagaki went nuts up there, I got the impression that this was the band he really wanted to do. So, to everybody in the band, what is the idea behind Rockbottom? Continue reading

Rock-ichi Rock-za Review

First printed on Target Earth blog
Written by Masao Nakagami
Shittily translated by Greg Snazz

Part 1

This is the 4th year of Rock-ichi Rock-za (Rock市Rock座), an event that’s put on by the Thunderroads and Rockbottom. I didn’t put it on or anything but participated the first year and I was doing a bunch of stuff this year too. So, this isn’t the report of a regular audience member but somebody who was involved.

I was DJ’ing and also doing a bunch of other stuff like coordinating the video taping of the Teengenerate performance, arranging the Cozy performance, taking pictures of the show, etc. Mostly, I just talked to a bunch of people and did a bunch of stuff for the Teengenerate performance. Anyway, I’ll get to this later but the main event of the night (and of this report) was the performance by Teengenerate.

(note: the translation of that part is here) Continue reading