Tweezers ”Already” remastered and reissued with bonus tracks!!

These guys are friends of mine…

New from Timebomb Records!

A remastered edition of the Tweezers “Already” is set for release on August 18 on CD and LP, along with a new previously unreleased 7″ EP!

Twenty years after the release of the band’s sole full-length, “Already” has been remastered and is hitting stores August 18. The Tweezers Continue reading


Tsukemen Of Death – an (old) interview with Supersnazz

Folks, with Supersnazz playing our last show on May 20, I dug out this li’l interview we did right after we put out our record “Get Down” in 2008. Enjoy!

At the time of writing, July 16, 2008, Supersnazz is eighteen years old. They’re putting out their seventh album, “Get Down,” on Meerkat Records (Vivid Sound). The album is infused with the energy of its new member, Greg, and its new label and it doesn’t have a second of filler. The day after they finished mixing, I sat down with the band to talk about the album and a whole bunch of other random stuff.


Interview by Haruko Shiozawa

“Congrats on finishing the record!”

“Thanks! Cheers!”

(Glasses of beer, oolong tea and Black Hoppy are raised, cheers’d and glugged)

“Whew… we’re done.” Continue reading

Pop for life – A reeeeally old interview with Supersnazz

Here’s an interview with Supersnazz I dug up somewhere… Loft to be exact. Considering the ch-ch-ch-changes the band is going through, I thought it was apropos. It was done right after Invisible Party came out in 2003 (I thinks) and I’ll (prob’ly) post a review of IP I found for my next post.


Supersnazz is a band Japan is proud to claim for its own. They’ve just released their second album after undergoing a member change that rendered them 2:2 in terms of gender ratio. This release shows the new lineup growing even tighter and will surely secure the band’s place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I talked to them about the new album and their high-energy live shows. (Interview by Jin Nakamura)

──It’s been two years since your last release. We did an interview when the last record came out and it just happened to be on 9/11, after which you guys went on a US tour. I have to assume that was a little bit weird?

SPIKE Actually, it was pretty much like always.

SHOE Yeah, because it was a West Coast tour.

TOMOKO People there were saying things like, Continue reading